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The Brandon Sun

November 2020


Mint Magazine

October 2020  

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Mint Magazine

May 2020  


New to Daydreams

Esthetics Spa & Academy

April, 2020

H&CO Academy Advanced Esthetics program introduces the wave of the future!!

The first HYBRID Advanced Esthetics education program.

You have the flexibility, comfort and convenience of learning all you

theory from our state of the art learning platform; A fusion of online learning and practical work on our clinic floor.


Upon registration into the program the director of esthetics

will have your calendar/schedule for all your practicum days

that you will be spending on the clinic floor learning all

the tools and techniques you will need to become

a licensed Advanced Medical Esthetician.

Fresh Magazine

Issue 48

July/August 2019  


Who's Who Women in Business

Volume 3

May 2017


The Brandon Sun

November 17, 2017


Inspirational Brandon Entrepreneur Finds Inspiration

in Women She Meets in the Community


Although she’s able to point toward plenty of other success stories in Brandon, there’s no denying that Heather Day’s business enterprise is a source of inspiration for other local businesswomen.


Granted, it’s an inspiration for businesspeople in general, but she goes above and beyond in connecting with fellow women in the local business community, through both formal organizations and impromptu meetings.


"We’re out looking to improve and change and support women," she said, adding that this sentiment goes both ways, in that she also finds inspiration in many of the women she meets.

In keeping with her family legacy of entrepreneurship, Day spent approximately one year working at someone else’s hair salon before striking out on her own, and has been her own boss ever since.

Born and raised in Brandon, she headed down to the United States for studies after graduating from Vincent Massey High School, but quickly returned to dip her toe in the waters of entrepreneurship. Love at first sight, she ended up plunging in, owning and operating different salons, including Fringes and Straight Up Salon, before settling into her current operations. These current efforts include Daydreams, an all-encompassing beauty and wellness centre, and H & Co Academy, a combination hair and aesthetics academy with locations at 603 Princess Ave. and 80110th. St., alongside Daydreams; a building she opened earlier this year. Her enterprise currently employs approximately 25 people, but Day said that while there are long days keeping everything running smoothly she doesn’t find much time to stress out about her obligations. In fact, she’s already thinking about her next project.

Setting up these businesses was not easy work, and the path to success has come with its failures.The purchase of a large house she went into with her sister, Lady of the Lake owner Bridget Shaw, with the intent of turning it into a conference centre was one such failure, in that it got hung up in zoning and they weren’t able to proceed. Even so, she’s reluctant to refer to it as a failure and instead shrugs it off as "lessons learned." She said that she’s always taken a "just-do-it" approach to business, whose underlying question is always "why not?"

A "risk-taker" by nature, she said that she always does whatever she can to forge ahead.


With her new space at 10th Street, it took visits to several lending institutions before she found one —Sunrise Credit Union — that would agree to support her vision. Earning accreditation for the school was another major hurdle that took a great deal of work, but was another effort that she said was worth the hassle. Now, she has a base of approximately 30 students, from whom she can pick the cream of the crop to bolster her own business’s workforce.


Daughter-in-law Lindsay is poised to take over as sales director and her youngest son Kolby will take over office operations, freeing her up to take on the next big project, or projects. She’s joining forces alongside a group of like-minded businesswomen for this project, she said, adding that it’s too early to share much more at this point. Cathy Snelgrove said that businesspeople supporting other businesspeople is one of the best means of bolstering the local economy as a whole. Snelgrove is a founding partner with Siere, a local business advisory and high performance coaching company. She said that close friends and family tend to be agreeable and supportive, and that reaching out to a wider base is a better means of bouncing ideas around and gaining more constructive criticism.


"Make sure that you have a really good idea before you put time and energy and money into it," she said.

"You need to get out there and network."

Walking up to others who have businesses of their own is the best means of doing this, Snelgrove said, adding that a little guidance can help make "the whole process of starting a business a lot easier." Day said that she recently had an entrepreneur stop by to pick her brain about starting up a business, and before they knew it they’d talked themselves through the evening. Day is also a member of a local Lean


In Circle chapter; a group of businesswomen who meet on a monthly basis to discuss their experiences and support one another.

After approximately a half-hour of discussing her career, Day took a moment to reflect on how odd it is to summarize one’s life in such a concise manner. "I just move forward," she said, bashfully admitting that her life summarized thus far sounds pretty great.

Still, she’s more excited about what challenges her next big project might bring than anything else.


While she has found some financial success, she said that it’s never about the money; it’s about facing and meeting the many challenges that inevitably come up with entrepreneurship.

The Brandon Sun

February 20th, 2016

Meet Western Manitoba's Women of Distinction


The Westman Communications Group YWCA Women of Distinction Awards Gala will be held Thursday, March 3, in the Keystone Centre’s UCT Pavilion.


The gala is YWCA Brandon’s major fundraising event of the year. Proceeds from this event support the YWCA Brandon mission: Working to empower women and their families through supportive programs and services.

The awards gala is a great opportunity to show appreciation and gratitude to the outstanding community women who have achieved personal and professional milestones, who are outstanding role models to other women and girls, and who have made significant contributions to the well-being of their communities in the Brandon, Westman and Parkland regions.

Tickets will be sold until Feb. 25 and can be purchased by contacting the YWCA Brandon at 204-571-3680 or stopping by 148 11th St., Brandon.


Following are this year’s nominees and the categories in which they have become "Women of Distinction."


Heather Day


Heather is a local business owner in Brandon. She opened Straighten Up Salon in February 2010, which today is one of the top full-service salons in the city, employing 20 of Brandon’s most talented professionals. In 2015 Heather launched H&CO Academy, a private vocational school that offers programs in hairstyling, nail technology, and as of September 2015, an esthetics program never before offered in Brandon. Heather’s lifelong passion for education has steered her career in the beauty industry and her future plans are to open more academies across Canada.

The Brandon Sun

February 5th, 2015


The beauty industry is one that always seems to be booming and when you think about it, one sure thing in life is that hair never stops growing!

As well, people love to look and feel their absolute best and they often tend to this desire by treating themselves to a variety of beauty treatments — whether that’s a cut and style, a manicure or pedicure, getting rid of unwanted hair or indulging in a facial.

Like with many other professions, hairstylists, nail technicians and skin technicians must all be trained. Fortunately for us, we have a number of places right within the city of Brandon that do just that and H&CO Academy is one of them.

Formerly known as the Advanced School of Hairstyling, H&CO Academy has been part of the Brandon business community for more than 25 years. A name change isn’t the only news for this business, however. Business partners Heather Day and Sherry Hedley recently became the new owners and have made a number of other changes.

"We changed the name because it was the first step of a new beginning," Day said. "It’s all new and all very exciting. We’ve done a complete renovation, have a new curriculum and have a great new team."

The school is a private vocational academy accredited by the Manitoba government. This year, it will train approximately 25 hairstylists and 20 nail technicians. However, the new owners have also expanded their offerings and for the first time ever an esthetics program will be offered in western Manitoba.

"This fall we’re opening the H&CO Skin Academy in the Straight Up Salon and have spots to train 20 estheticians this year. We’re also opening an H&CO beauty outlet in the spring of 2016, as well as two new satellite academies," Day said.

Day is also the owner of Straight Up Salon, which is located at 135 17th St. North, above Lady of the Lake (which happens to be owned by her sister, Bridget Shaw). She said she has been working on the project for more than five years and is glad that Hedley teamed up with her.

"Every day I am grateful for Sherry’s energy and wisdom. I really appreciate having someone to share my vision with," Day said.

H&CO Academy will also be opening evenings and on Saturdays for their clients’ convenience and to accommodate the new part-time programs.

For more information, visit